A grand day out

Visited Ashbourne today I cannot believe I haven’t been before had such a great day out. I spent the day researching my new venture I am very confident that it is missing from the current market and especially in my local area. I have come up with the idea of merging two ideas into one unique one, I will of course share more once it is all in place but in the mean time its more research and purchasing stock and other items.

If you do not try you will never succeed

I have been updating pages, information and the general look of Investorslife. Having quite a productive day if I am honest, I try and devote a couple of hours everyday to improve something even if its myself perhaps even reading a book. Knowledge is underestimated.

Day out
Ashbourne – Grand day out ( old shcool)

This weeks overview.

Barclays bank has been hit with a $470m fine by US regulators over its role in price fixing, if it refuses to pay within 30 days the case could then move to Federal Court where additional fines may be levied.

EU car sales fall, drives have stopped spending due to job insecurities and continued austerity.

Housing recovery is full steam ahead, which could be bad news for landlords. The current government buy initiative is making rents number fall as more step onto the property ladder.





I would just like to let everybody know that I now predominently use my website that I will be using to show how my investments are doing and general markets talk and tips. If you like to follow me please dont hesitate to follow the link above and I hope to hear from you.

If you have any experiences of your own then I would like to hear them.



Investors Life

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Good day for Banks

Elvaston Castle Derbyshire

Had a great Weekend, enjoyed the sunshine, visited Elvaston Castle and in the evening played Laser Quest ( I hadnt been since I was 15) I really enjoyed it and would go again. Forgot to mention previously that AIM stocks are going to be available for investment in an ISA which could be deemed a good thing. However there is a lot of risk with these stocks, it is easier to get listed and companies come and go very quickly, ofcourse there can be significant gains but people need to be careful and again RESEARCH a company in huge detail.

The FTSE 100 Index climbed 41.2 points to 6586.1, RBS Royal Bank Of Scotland led the way for the the FTSE today rising nicely along with LLOY Lloyds. More faith is being placed on banks with the rises in mortgages and house buying. G4s and Serco again had heavy loses today following the recent news and controversy.

I am thinking about topping up my stake in Lloyds and also have been researching Taylor Wimpey TW. for a couple of days and still seems a strong prospect, it is rising steadily and I see more to come.



ROYAL BANK SCOT 320.00 +5.12   Up
SCHRODERS 2,488.00 +2.56   Up
LLOYDS GRP. 69.44 +2.52   Up
ITV 161.30 +2.15   Up
CAPITA GROUP 1,049.00 +2.14   Up


AGGREKO 1,758.00 -2.98   Down
SAGE GRP. 356.10 -2.94   Down
RANDGOLD RES. 4,272.00 -2.75   Down
FRESNILLO 958.50 -2.29   Down
PETROFAC 1,269.00 -1.93   Down



Positive Portfolio

I have many things and areas that I am looking to go into, many ideas running around in my head. I will keep everyone updated when it all kicks off. I have a friend on board and we are in talks about futures schemes and which direction to take all this, very vague atm but I predict big things.

If you believe… it will come true, or so I am told.

A very rare thing happened today all of my holdings were positive, there usually a few but to have all of them up was a nice shock when I check my portfolio earlier. Lets hope it continues for atleast a couple more days.

you can do anything.

A positive day for the FTSE100 today unless of course you were G4S or SERCO the biggest fallers today following a review into their practices it appears they have been charging for tagging criminals that were either dead or not tagged at all. SERCO are heavily weighted to government contracts and this news will prompt a governemnt audit into their other contracts.

The FTSE 100 on the whole closed up 38.5 points to 6543.4 again governed by Mr Bernanke hes eased fears over cutting monetary stimulus.

(BBY) BALFOUR BEATTY (one of my holdings) was up 6.2p to 225.7p following improved profitability in the UK.

Mining again benefiting today FRESNILIO up 114.5p to 1018p



FRESNILLO 1,018.00 +12.67   Up
RANDGOLD RES. 4,402.00 +7.24   Up
ANGLO AMERICAN 1,337.00 +5.44   Up
A.B.FOOD 1,907.00 +5.07   Up
ANTOFAGASTA 853.50 +4.79   Up


SERCO GRP. 626.50 -7.94   Down
G4S 213.00 -5.59   Down
TUI TRAVEL 370.80 -1.49   Down
MEGGITT 555.00 -1.25   Down
AVIVA 364.00 -1.03   Down



Helmet and RBS

The sun is shining and its hot outside what could be better?

I must confess to watching the first episode of Skins and it involves the stock market and trading, if only it was that easy 🙂 but I am glad that it is bringing shares and investing to young people, that is what I am aiming for.


Saw this today and was so tempted to try it on ( see picture), I think I would look good. The fun of signing mortgage papers 🙂


The FTSE 100 Index rose 63 points to 6513.1, a gain of one per cent, following yesterday’s 1.2 per cent climb on assurances from central bankers about interest rates being kept as low as possible.

(RBS) Royal Bank of Scotland topped the risers board, up 4 per cent or 11.3p to 300.1p, building on Monday’s impressive gains.

According to reports some 150,000 Royal Mail staff will get free shares as it is set to float on the London Stock Exchange this week, in what will be the biggest privatisation in decades. Full detail will be disclosed tomorrow by Business secretary Vince Cable.


FTSE100 Risers

VEDANTA 1,094.00 +8.53   Up
ROYAL BANK SCOT 304.40 +5.40   Up
ABDN.ASSET.MAN. 399.60 +3.55   Up
SCHRODERS 2,408.00 +3.53   Up
FRESNILLO 951.00 +3.26   Up

FTSE100 Fallers

ITV 150.20 -1.70   Down
EURASIAN 210.40 -1.68   Down
MARKS & SP. 453.20 -1.41   Down
EASYJET 1,335.00 -1.40   Down
CAPITA GROUP 1,023.00 -1.35   Down



Strong mind = success

Murray does it

Well I think we will all remember where we were when Murray won at Wimbledon, what a result to win three straight sets against the world number one. It gets you thinking what we all can accomplish if we just put our minds to it. What else could we do, well the answer to that question is anything. What do we want to do? Where do we see ourselves? What do we want to be? I find that it’s best to think what you want from as early a time as possible although it’s never too late. I wish I would of known earlier in my life what I wanted to do, admittedly I am only 26 but I am only now pursuing things that I want to do.

Todays Sells.

Today I have sold my stake in (BRWM) Black Rock World Mining I personally don’t see this going anywhere so having taken a small loss I now have excess to invest in other stocks, I will be updating on my next purchase time for research.

Update on shares in my portfolio

LLOY Lloyds up 2.41p to 67.07

PMO premier Oil down 0.10p to 342.00

BBY Balfour Beatty down 4.20p 211.70


The FTSE 100 continues its ascent today up 74.6 points to 6450.7. Banks were among the best performing stocks today, (LLOY) LLOYDS benefited from Temasek a Singaporean sovereign fund reported to be willing to buy 10% of the bank’s shares, and they were up 2.47p to 67.1p.

Top Risers FTSE100

















Top Fallers FTSE100



















How to pick the winners


The Bank of England hinted that interest rates would remain at their historic low for some time to come. The FTSE 100 closes a whopping 3.1 percent higher at 6,421.67, banks, oil and mining made rapid gains. What a day for shares many bargain hunting after the large sell off earlier this week.

Today in the news I read that Boris Johnson has agreed for Earls Court to be demolished and in its place a new shopping centre and new flats. I would be interested if anyone agrees with this, perhaps you do not care for it or think that the new buildings would benefit the economy more.

Earls Court

Lesson 2 Where to look for Shares

Well it might sound the most obvious way of finding a winning stock but it’s the most overlooked. How many times do you go and buy something and notice others are buying it to, it’s a good product, its reliable fulfils a need nothing else does? Well how many of you think I should invest in this company?

How many go for a drink and notice how busy it is, there’s always cues, friendly staff and think I should invest, this is the next big thing. Well people are always overlooking things right under their noses preferring to play it safe and go with well known reliable companies, these are fine but you won’t see big returns from these shares you will receive minimal gains but your money is usually safer.

When we see a share we notice is something special we should always research the company, this is the first big thing we should do. You should be able to say in a sentence or two exactly what that company does and the products it sells. When we do our research we should look at the Market capital, basically how much the company is valued at calculated by the numbers of shares by the value of the shares. Is this a realistic, basically if the company is only making a million profit and the company is valued at 300 million would we want to invest in that. Again check the Debt of the company is it massive? Are there any negative points in the company? Does it pay a dividend? There are lots we need to ask ourselves to be sure we want to invest if the answer to any of these questions is negative I would walk away only when you are completely confident with a stock should you invest.

There are other ways we could look for a share but always do your research do not just follow the tips of anyone or even anyone who professes to have all the answers they don’t.

There are newspapers, investment magazines I personally read the Investors Chronicle which is out every Friday. Please bear in mind that most shares are priced up when reported in magazines so I would leave it a little while after for the hysteria to die down.

Well these are some ways I looks for shares

FTSE 100 Risers

















FTSE 100 Fallers










Painting by numbers

Finally had the offer accepted on the house, just waiting for it to all go through so updates coming, looking forward to getting it all sorted and moving in(house warming party here we come, of course only a couple of sociable drinks) I’m currently sitting whilst the wife is watching Bagpuss, very cool of her.

Has nothing to do with anything but how cute? You all want one I know.

Andy Murray has made it into the Semi’s well done lets go for it.

Funniest thing happened at work today, we have an apprentice at work and he is decorating the showroom for the reopening. I think you know where this is going, well he ended up with more over himself and the floor than the wall, made me chuckle. Anyway on with the news;

Markets have tumbled following the political unrest in Egypt and the crisis in Portugal and the rest of the Eurozone. The FTSE 100 index dropped 1.2 percent, closing down 74.1 points to 6229. Egypt does not produce oil but it controls the Suez Canal, a busy shipping lane and crucial for in global energy supplies.

































Lesson 2 coming tomorrow…




Coffee and Cake – thats the life.

I am currently sitting down with a nice cup of coffee and a piece of cake (how very posh). Today my email has been bombarded with messages, nothing interesting I hasten to add. As we are buying a house I have had the mortgage advisor asking me question after question, I wouldn’t mind but if he had asked all of these questions in the first place I could be left in piece.


Anyway where was I? Getting to that age now.

The markets were all over the place today after an early sell off as investors pocketed early gains sending markets down then rose quite significantly to finish surprisingly just down 3.84 to 6,303.94. Serco again a riser, has had a stellar ride so far unfortunately (BBY) Balfour Beatty performed rather worse today after a suspected realisation of less than previously forecast profits.

Indices around Europe were lower all round as the unemployment rate was considerably underestimated.

Well im going to look at a few more shares, haven’t got as much money to play with due to buying a house but im looking for opportunities.

Top Risers of the 100
















Top Fallers


















An apple a day

Well another week and as I work for Travis perkins I should say what a day for the company, up 75p to 1531p biggest riser of the FTSE 100 with Persimmon coming second showing that the housing market is really starting to pick up. The FTSE 100 broke through 6,300 today finishing at 6,307.78  due to good news from british manufacturing as the sector grew at its fastest rate for 2 years in June.

how to build a wall

If you invested in HSBC (HSBA) tipped on 24th june 655 it is now 694.70 not bad.

Interesting news about Apple they have applied for a trademark the iWatch, sparking rumours that they are working on awearable technology product. Registering a trademark is usually an essential step made ahead of the launch of a product in order to prevent rivals from registering the same name and creating an embarrassing and costly legal clash. The name of Apple’s iPod was first discovered from trademark filings ahead of its launch in October 2001 – though it trampled over Cisco’s “iPhone” trademark in 2007 when it launched its phone that January. The two companies later came to an agreement.

bit big

Top Risers

TRAVIS PERKINS 1,531.00 +5.15   Up
PERSIMMON 1,240.00 +5.00   Up
TULLOW OIL 1,049.00 +4.80   Up
ANTOFAGASTA 832.50 +4.72   Up
VEDANTA 1,067.00 +4.61   Up

Top Fallers

ADMIRAL GRP 1,314.00 -0.98   Down
G4S 228.30 -0.91   Down
PEARSON 1,162.00 -0.77   Down
MORRISON (WM) 260.20 -0.61   Down
TATE & LYLE 822.00 -0.30   Down



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